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Divine Pleasure

Divine Pleasure is a short film exploring the intersections of sex and spirituality. Director, Kaliena Bowen, and their crew will uncover how, as a collective, we can expand our sex lives through ritualistic, spiritual, and expressionist practices.

Produced by JUNK M3D!A


JUNK M3D!A was the presenting sponsor ATLFILMPARTY's Cycle 2, Season 2 film competition.

ATL FILM PARTY aids ATL-grown filmmakers in gaining exposure through free-entry film competitions. As the presenting sponsor for the festival, we awarded NOVA CYPRESS BLACK (dey/dem),  a  multi-talented artist and devout educator, with a $500 grant for their experimental documentary, dey/dem.

Business Meeting

Current Projects

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Short Film Project

Cyle 2, Season 2 Sponsors

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