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Who We Are...


JUNK M3D!A is a production house and community network aimed at amplifying transgender-identifying artists and makers within the industry. Our mission is to provide necessities, education, production, and a platform to the current generation of unsung creators through community, mutual aid, and financial support.

Our vision at JUNK M3D!A is to be a stepping stone to a stable career in the arts for TGNCI creatives. We envision a future where our base members are thriving not surviving, where trans artists are getting their due credit, and ultimately facilitating the start of a secure and stable life.

In the years to come, we expect to achieve this through guaranteed income, trauma-informed community outreach, transitional housing, and project development.


Why We Need Financial Contributions...

Why + What For

In short, we need support for operation costs. At this point JUNK M3D!A is being undertaken by one person, our founder, Kaliena Bowen. Unfortunately, this means that Bowen is single-handedly developing the JUNK M3D!A website, programming events, completing grant writing, and so much more while also sustaining their own life through part-time and gig work. Ultimately, this framework is not fruitful and we need more resources to get the ball rolling.

What Are We Raising Funds For...

The money raised for JUNK M3D!A will go towards the following: paid employment opportunities, community engagement and events, publishing, platform development, business filing and legal support, and so much more!


As mentioned earlier, Bowen is the only current employee of JUNK M3D!A making it hard to get things done. With your contributions, we will be hiring for two contract positions: Digital Media Associate and Research Development Associate. The Digital Meda Associate will help to make our online presence and cultivate a community via the internet. The Research Development Associate will be dedicated to uncovering the past successes and pitfalls of transgender-focused collectives similar to JUNK M3D!A and best understand how to serve our community.

Comunity Programming

Currently, we provide our event programming through sponsored services and in-kind donations. With your contribution, we can host more frequent and timely events that reflect the needs and desires of our community. Additionally, we can offer retreats, parties, and skill shares at no or reduced costs with your financial support!

Digital Publication

There are very few sources publishing news and information relevant to trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) individuals. JUNK M3D!A aims to fill that gap while employing TGNCI journalists and creative writers and promoting services and creations made by trans-identifying people.

Platform Development

While the full details of this aspect of JUNK M3D!A is confidential, we ultimately hope to create a platform that does not censor the TGNCI community from artists to abolitionists.

Legal Counsel, Business Filling, & Overhead

Contributions made to JUNK M3D!A will assist in covering overhead expenses such as a website. Additionally, we will use this funding to register as a business in the state of Georgia and seek legal advice to set a solid foundation for what's to come.


Alternative Ways to Contribute...

You can support us without giving us a dime! Get involved, sponsor us, give us a spotlight in your publication.

Get Involved 

The best way to help us is to show up and show out! Check out our events to see what programming we have in queue or look into our projects to see if you can apply your artistry. And a quick shoutout on social media is always super impactful. It puts us in front of like-minded individuals who not only take an interest in us but are excited about our vision.

Sponsorships & In-Kind Services

Business owners and skilled community members who have resources to spare are how we've made it thus far. If you'd like to provide catering for an event, donate marketing services, or develop a video for social sharing we'll take it! This is not at all an exhaustive list of the support we could utilize. If you have an idea of how you can help is promote our mission by sharing your gifts and services, contact us by emailing with your thoughts.

Interveiws & Invites

We're new to the art scene in ATL. You can support us by inviting us to network events or community engagement initiatives centered on arts organizations. Additionally, journalists, podcasters, influencers, etc. we'd love to make an appearance or sit down for an interview and share our messaging with your platform. Contact us at for any relevant oppurtunities.

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