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What is JUNK M3D!A?

The following post is from 2021. Our goals and mission have changed. Please standby as we update this posting.

JUNK M3D!A is a media agency created to develop the art community within Atlanta. Over the recent years Atlanta, Georgia has grown into a major city within the US. While our city has been on the rise, access to the creative industries has been unfortunately difficult.

In a city known for the production of major films and the stomping ground A-list musician's why is it still difficult for emerging artists to find collective spaces, publish their work, and find their way into world of art? To put it simply, Atlanta is clique based even outside of creative industries. When looking for a hair stylist, an event to attend, or a place of employment, knowing someone is crucial. Atlanta artists have learned to constantly preform in a state of hustling. Atlanta based creatives are knocking at every door hoping for an answer.

Where does JUNK M3D!A fall into all of this?

JUNK M3D!A's goal is to provide emerging artists with resources, services, and information in a centralized space to simplify working in Atlanta's creative industries. We want to dismantle the notion that reaching success requires knowing the right person or having a strong network. These are difficult things to ask of Artists working full-time jobs and creating art on the side. Everyone deserves a seat at the table and that is what we are offering.

Through JUNK N3W$, you will find opportunities for publishing work, receiving grants, collaborations, and the start of a collective centered around Black transgender artists. To stay updated, subscribe for more.

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