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Founder, Kaliena Bowen, was set on Directing a film despite their unemployment status and liquidated the only asset they had, their closet.


Thus began the weekly art market treks. Loading bins of clothing into rideshares and carting a full wardrobe across Atlanta.  In seven days, Bowen raised half of the film's crowdfunding budget.


Kow pondered: how profitable could this be with a curated inventory? And Garbage Harvest was born.​​​​

And staying true to our roots, a portion of sales supports creative projects for underrepresented communities.



Garbage '444' Harvest was founded as a crowdfunding campaign for a film project in early 2023.

Staff Favorites

Thrift for Trans Lives

A portion of ALL sales go towards our partner, JUNK M3D!A to provide support for transgender creatives.

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